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Vastu and Seven Horses Painting – Most effective remedy for Success in Business, Wealth and Career

Vastu & the Seven running horses Painting The Seven horses painting is a very effective remedy in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, for people who want substantial growth in their business, finance, and career. As per Vastu, hanging this painting in your home or office space in the right direction brings desired results and success. As per Feng Shui, each element in this painting is the key to abundant wealth & prosperity.

Let’s understand what makes this painting so special and effective.

Every painting tells a story, which has a psychological effect on our mind (positive or negative) depending upon the colours, elements, and expression of that painting. It is that psychological effect which plays a very important role in evoking a certain type of emotion and urge, every time one looks at that painting. That is why it is very important to choose the apt painting for a specific purpose. In Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, paintings are also used as effective remedies.

The Seven horses…
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The Basics of Face Reading

Your face can reveal more about you than you think. Face reading is also known as Physiognomy. The centuries-old esoteric practice with roots from China, Greece, and India is still widely practised today. Through familiarization with the basics of face reading, you can start to know more about yourself, your family and friends, and even the new people you meet.

Curious to know more? Below are the distinct areas of the face and what each represents.
Face Shape It all begins here. The shape of a person’s face tells about their overall character. For instance, round-faced people are thought to be emotional, sensitive, and caring while those with a square face are athletic, analytical, and aggressive.
Areas of the Face The face has different areas that correspond to specific life events, relationships, and personal qualities.
Left: Tells about your temperament and outlook. You may also peer into the status of your relationship with your friends on this side.Right: Tells about your emotion…

Treat your skin allergies with the Magic of Ayurveda

Only if we invested a lot more time on preparing a few ayurvedic remedies at home to treat our skin problems rather than blindly spending money on those fancy cosmetic treatments to treat even a single popped out a pimple. Then the scene would have been a lot less messy for our skin as well as our pockets!

Thanks to the endless environmental problems, unhealthy lifestyle, hectic routine, polluted outside and polluted insides. We have managed to make ourselves bins overtime with our eating habits and what goes inside reflects on the outside. Yeah? Same is the case with our skin. Our internal health shows up on our skin with time.
Who doesn’t want a beautiful skin? We all do, whether man or a woman we dream of squeaky-clean glossy skin but unfortunately we are not blessed with it and even if we are the external factors find a way to destroy it.
There are numerous types of skin allergies that come in the way of flaunting our beautiful skin.

These are classified into four categories:

History of Palmistry

By Janet Li
In western countries, there are many people who are enthusiastic about palmistry. The books about palmistry also flood out. The promotion of palmistry in the western countries was keenly related to the palmistry business of the gipsies. People think that gipsies are originated from India. They arrived in Europe in around 14 to 15 century. They lived afloat at that time. The ladies of gipsies were familiar with divination. Most of them would take divination as their occupation. We can say that the palmistry tradition of the gipsies does deeply affect the palmistry study of Europe.
In the 19th century, the palmistry technique of Camimir d’ Arpentigny and Desbarolles who came from France had made the basis for the palmistry study in the western countries. Among them, D’ Arpentigny was the officer of the French military.

He analyzed the relationships between the character and occupation to divide the hands into seven categories. The study of Camimir d’ Arpentigny is still the …

Top Ten Silliest Tarot Decks

By Zanna Starr
Tarot cards have been used for centuries in many different ways – for gaming, divination, fortune telling, consultation, guidance, and decision making. These days, Tarot cards often have “themes.” Below is a list of what I consider to be the Top Ten Silliest Tarot Decks. I do not say this as an insult. The decks on this list have managed to combine the format and structure of traditional Tarot decks with humorous, unusual or, yes, “silly” images to create something fun and fabulous. Enjoy!
#1 The Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum (Quirk Books) Packaged in a mock recipe box, this deck gives much more than a “nod” to the 1950s – it transports you right back to the days of June Cleaver, Donna Reed, Margaret Anderson, and Harriet Nelson. It may be true that “Father Knows Best,” but this deck knows how to tickle your funny bone.
#2 Silicon Valley Tarot by Thomas Scoville (Steve Jackson games) The card numbers in this deck are given in “base 10” and in binary. T…

Top Nine Signs for Spiritual Awakening

By Alissa Monroe
The inward path of spirituality is characterized by spiritual awakenings, which could be considered precursors to enlightenment. While the definition of the ineffable state of enlightenment alludes, all who have not attained this state of cosmic connection, the signs of spiritual awakenings are recognizable.

It is important to remember that the experience of spiritual awakening itself is highly subjective and will be experienced in different ways according to the individual’s personal progress on their path. Nevertheless, the qualities that are collected and expounded upon here, show a stunning similarity in the experiences recorded by those who have been transformed through spiritual practices of all types.

Finally, these qualities and characteristics are not exclusive to any single religion, cult, gender, zodiac sign or social status. All are free to walk the path to spirituality and enjoy its benefits.
#1 Happiness One of the most notable symptoms of spiritual awakeni…

8 Signs that you get bad luck

By Janet Li
Honestly, some who are more suitable for fortune-telling activities can predict when his/her luck is comparatively bad. However, one cannot totally depend on fortune-telling to predict when he/she will get bad luck. Moreover, fortune-telling is not a very accurate science. It always makes mistakes. Sometimes, the difference is quite large. Moreover, some are not suitable for having fortune-telling activities.

Therefore, some should learn how to judge when the bad luck will be coming. Therefore, in this article, I will present some characteristics of a people in the bad luck and provide some tips on how to discover the bad luck will be coming through your own feeling and reflection.
Then you can take some actions to prevent from getting into this bad luck. Therefore, I will describe the characteristics of getting bad luck. Moreover, I will describe the phenomena of the early and middle stage of getting bad luck. The following is the characteristic of the coming of the bad luc…