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Astrology for settling abroad with effective remedies

The culture of abroad settlement is in India for decades. Due to globalization, it has now become a common practice. The young generation is eager to see the world and is attracted to different cultures. It is now a common practice to plan holidays in a foreign country. The reasons why Indians are so keen to settle abroad is to earn handsome salaries and enjoy a rich lifestyle there.

Moreover, global education, better health facilities and ample opportunities for growth are some more factors why Indians settle abroad.

Rahu, Ketu, and Shani are the planets which can bring the foreign settlement. If these planets are strong, and you are going through a period or sub period of any of these, then the settlement can be permanent. With this, a good moon and Venus makes the travel cherishing and joyful.

In earlier days, going to foreign places and settling down there was not considered good, as the person had to leave his native land, home, and own people. But as time changed, going abroad is now seen as a sign of growth, exposure, and luxury.

Rahu is foreign connections. For a foreign settlement, you need strong foreign connections to clear interviews and Visa formalities. Here are some remedies which can help you in case you are planning to settle abroad.

1.Rahu Strotam: Chanting Rahu Strotam 11 times a day for 40 days is very effective for making the ‘Rahu’ in your favor. Beneficial effects of Rahu will surely increase your chances of going abroad. The energy of Rahu Stotram will bring a balance in the cosmic vibrations of Rahu and remove the hurdles in your way of foreign travel.
2. Rahu Beej Mantra: Chanting Rahu beej mantra for 18000 times in a duration of 40 days will surely result in Rahu’s blessings and will make way for your dream to travel and settle abroad.

Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah
ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहवे नमः
3. Rahu Donation: Donating coconut, Urad dal or clothes in old age home on Saturdays will activate the benefits of Rahu and help in your efforts to settle/travel abroad.

4. Rahu Gemstone: Wear ‘Gomed’ or ‘Hessonite’ if you are planning to settle abroad or going through a Rahu period or sub period. This will act as a catalyst in activating benefits of Rahu and can trigger for settlement in a foreign country. Consult us to know when to wear the stone.

5. Rahu Yantra: Buy a Rahu Yantra and establish it at your worship area on a Saturday. Lit til lamp and tilak of yajna ash (bhabhuti) on Rahu Yantra daily to get your wishes of foreign settlement true.

These 5 set of remedies when follow together will surely activate the auspicious results of Rahu, foreign connections and will trigger foreign travel at an overlap of Dasha and transit of Rahu in your birth chart.

Consult us for checking the time periods of foreign travel in your chart or email us at


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