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Astronumerology – The Power Behind Your Name

Guest Post by ‘Oscar West’
Astrology is getting a lot of attention nowadays. Not that it has been forgotten in recent years, it just found a new channel to give daily horoscopes to people all over the world.

Surely, you’ve encountered various Twitter accounts that provide daily or weekly reading of the zodiac signs. People like and retweet this with the hopes of making it a guide for the specific day or week.

You ask questions based on school or work, finance, family, health, relationships, and life in general. Beyond the casual readings, however, a deeper astrological knowledge can be found in astronumerology. This is a combination of your name and its numerical equivalent. Your name probably came from your parents, an inspiration of Greek gods and goddesses, but you can read it with a new perspective.

As you’ve known, astrology is about the position and placing of celestial bodies like planets and stars. This will give information about the different aspects of your human life.

Each letter is assigned to a number and a planet, which is based on the Chaldean system of numerology. If you add the numbers corresponding to your name, you’ll know which planet rules over you and what it will do regarding your life and destiny.

Here’s the number-planet correspondence:

1- Sun, 2- Moon, 3- Jupiter, 4- Uranus, 5- Mercury, 6- Venus, 7- Neptune, 8- Saturn and 9- Mars

For more specific readings, you can even add the specific year you’re asking it for. For example, 2018 will be 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 + the number behind your name.

Knowing that your name means more than what people call you or just something that you write to own a thing is a special feeling. While not all people might find it accurate, it should only serve as a guide and shouldn’t be followed blindfolded.

Refer to the below infographics for more information:


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