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Five real causes of Cancer

Cancer is one of the dreadful diseases in the history of medical science. Though science has progressed to the level that it can disintegrate an atom and can zoom out the huge galaxy, but it has not yet found a satisfactory cure for this dreadful disease. Many questions the intention of world medical science associations whether they really want to find a cure to this disease or make a business model out of the fear of the incurable disease.

Last decade has seen a severe hike in the percentage of people suffering from cancer. According to the recent study of National-Cancer-Institute, approximately 39.6% of men and women will be diagnosed with this disease at some point during their lifetimes. The disease has grown to such an extent that most of the people around the globe seem to know a cancer patient as a near relative or family member.

As a society, shouldn’t we be thinking of the root cause of this dreadful disease? Any disease, be it diabetes to asthma to heart blockage also owns its reason from a subtle emotional blockage, and so is cancer. Other than this there are multiple factors from environmental to food to immunity of an individual to surrender to this disease.

Let's see the major factors which are responsible for cancer.

#1 Emotional traumas

When the body and mind are not in sync, there is an unseen chaos inside both mind and body. And when this chaos sustains for a longer period, the cancer cells find its way to work together and develop, just as thieves find easy to operate in a chaotic city. If your mind and body are in sync, both mind and body are calm and in control. Hence, the disease cells do not find appropriate conditions to grow and spread. Cancer cells are inside everyone’s body. It just depends on the conditions we are providing to them to grow. That determines if we get affected by the disease or not.

If one looks at the subtle reason for any kind of cancer, it owes its origin from emotional trauma. A prolonged guilt, anger, fear, frustration or any kind of negative emotion results in developing cancer.
People who have repressive styles tend to be more prone to illness, particularly immune-system related diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, infections, and cancers. The concept is of unexpressed anger. If one doesn’t let it out, that could have adverse consequences. ~University of California Los Angeles

#2 Poisonous Environment

In today’s poisonous environment, we find air, soil and water contaminated. We are left with fresh air only in villages, forests or mountains. And the human race is working hard to convert these into cities too. National Institute of Health has classified 54 compounds which are found in metros that contains Carcinogens responsible for causing cancer. For example, benzene, cause for leukaemia, is a common pollutant from vehicles. Radon, a natural radioactive gas found in many home appliances, is a risk for lung cancer. Arsenic, linked to skin, liver, bladder and lung cancer, is found in some drinking water supplies.

Apart from this, our daily need for oxygen is 500 lt. To produce 500 lt of oxygen, we need 11,000 lt.of fresh air daily. If there are five people in a family, they need 55,000 lt. of fresh air. The air-conditioned environment with doors and windows closed in office, home and even vehicles, we are forced to inhale the same used air in circulation. In a long-term, lack of oxygen kills brain cells. Cancer cells do not grow in oxygen. These need oxygen deficiency to work actively and spread, which we are providing by using air-conditioners.

If you want to be cancer free, choose not to use air conditioners. Try to grow plants around you and run to peaceful places frequently. We need to re-energize our environment for our own benefits.

#3 Unhealthy Lifestyle

More than 60% of U.S. cancer deaths are caused by smoking and diet. Cancer Research UK has found that around 134,000 cancers each year are the result of a poor lifestyle. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, lack of breastfeeding, being overweight contributed to four in every ten cancers diagnosed in the UK.

It is believed that cancer risk can be reduced to a considerable percentage by avoiding tobacco, limiting alcohol intake, limiting UV ray exposure from the sun and adopting a healthy diet, fitness and regular medical checkups.

#4 Contaminated Food

Synthetically produced food with the poisonous pesticides is one of the major contributors of cancer in cities. The vegetables and fruits which we eat are grown with pesticides. It kills our brain cells and making our body prone to diseases. The poison of pesticides helps in the growth of cancer cells. Even if our eating habits are apt, we are prone to cancer. Adding topping to the cake, when our eating habits are spoiled, we are surrounded by the possibilities to attract cancer. Sugar, refined oils, refined carbohydrates, packed dairy products, farmed & grilled meats, genetically modified food, food cooked in Microwave and canned food contributes to growing cancer cells in our body.

Today’s generation has double responsibility of safeguarding themselves from synthetically grown food items and also to develop a culture of growing and consuming organic foods so that the coming generations do not suffer due to this dreadful disease.

#5 Synthetic Products

Products such as scented candles, air purifier, mosquito repellent, artificial sweetener, household cleaners, cosmetics like sunscreen lotions, deodorant, talcum powder, hair spray and lipsticks, non-stick cookware, plastic bottles etc. contribute in development and growth of cancer cells in our body. This is the day and age to be organic, to be simple and down to earth like our village ancestors.

Time has come which challenges the lifestyle we are following. We are at the edge of changing culture, habits and thinking. No matter if we like or not, we need to change for the good of the human race. So, why wait, let’s be the change. Let’s start with ourselves.


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