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Handwriting Analysis - How to know about a person through handwriting

Handwriting analyzing science is also termed as Graphology. Your handwriting can tell a lot about your personality characteristics. It is an analysis which also carries a fun factor with it. Nowadays, handwriting Analysis is used as one of the criteria for assessment of personality and behavior of people in organizations. It can be an essential assisting tool in recruitment for certain fixed parameters such as assertiveness, outspoken nature, socialization, straightforwardness etc which hold importance while working with teams.

Handwriting analysis cannot be quantified completely as the mood, time, intention of writing and environment can have a moderate effect on the handwriting, and so on the analysis. For analyzing handwriting, one should look at many handwriting samples of a person written at a different time.

Here are some methods, one can follow to analyze handwriting of self or another person.

#1 Pressure you put on the pen

High pressure: If you write by putting high pressure on your pen, you may have high energy that shows in pen pressure. You may be quite intense or sensual. You may have a healthy body and might also be dominating in some matters. High-pressure writers are usually successful and rise to the top in whatever they do in life as their actions are very clear.

Average pressure: If you write by putting an average pressure on your pen, means a relatively calmer and a balanced person. You may have good memory and way of thinking. You might be moderately successful in your life, and have enough to survive you, throughout the day or life.

Light pressure: If you write by putting light pressure on your pen, you might be introvert and do not want people to notice you. You may be empathetic and sensitive. You might feel deprived of energy at times. You might also be physically weak. You should avoid stress and energy draining situations like a quarrel or unnecessary arguments, as this will drain you out.

#2 Slope of your words

To the right: When you slant towards the right, you are outgoing and like to socialize with people. You are warm and caring to others. Your heart rules your brain.

To the left: When you slant your letters towards the left, you might love to be alone, and do not feel comfortable in the crowd. Your real talent is behind the scene. You might feel shy with extrovert people. You conceal your emotions and might appear to be cold to people.

No Slant: When you have no slant in your letters you may be logical and practical. You make a balance between brain and heart. You are balanced and independent, and your nature doesn’t change whether you are alone or with people.

#3 Flow of the words

The connection between the letters you write also gives some insights about you.

All connected: You are logical or rational. Your left brain is more active. Your actions are connected and you are dependable.

Some connected: You are creative, imaginative. Your both brains are active. You trust your intuition. You are fun to be with.

Few connected: You might be unpredictable. You are not always practical. Nobody can guess your next action.

#4 Baseline angle of handwriting

It’s very difficult to get words in a straight line when writing on unlined paper. The direction in which your writing flows also gives some clues about you.

Upward writing: If your words flow upwards it shows your optimism, enthusiasm and a happy person.

Downward writing: If your words flow downwards, this shows sign of discouragement. You might be depressed due to some reason or fatigue.

Wavy writing: If your words flow wavy, it may mean that you may be uncertain or unstable due to some reason.You might feel lost or lack skills and need to give time to gather and polish your skills.

#5 Size of the letters

The size of your letters tells some traits about you.

Large: You have a huge personality. Many well-known people have large handwriting. You might be outgoing and like to be around people and in the limelight.

Small: You are detail oriented, focused and concentrate easily on work. You tend to be more of research-oriented. You may be shy and introvert and don’t like showing off.

Average: You are balanced and adjust well with situations.

#6 Spacing between letters

The spacing between your letters and works in your writing also tells something about you.

Large Space: If you leave large spaces between their words and letters, you like to have freedom and you are super independent. You need space to be yourself.

Small Space: If you keep your letters and words close to each other, you like to be with others. You love to call your friends to home when you are alone. You are party person and feel lost when you are alone.

While analyzing writing, try to gather at least 3-4 samples written with different kind of pens. This is a small exercise you may love to try on yourself and on your acquaintance.

Here are some good books available for learning more on Handwriting Analysis.


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