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How to attract money like a magnet? Vastu tips for your WALLET

A wallet is something which we always carry while going outside. If we are lost somewhere, held in an emergency situation or need something while outside the home, we are assured if we have enough money in the wallet. Everybody wants the wallet to be full of money. But it is not always the case, especially around the month’s end.

Ways of keeping money are not new. Here are tips and tricks which are auspicious for wallet and can make the wallet turn into a money attracting magnet.

Vastu Shastra recommends certain do's and don’t to increase the auspiciousness of wallet you carry.

9 DO’s for your wallet

#1 Money and wealth is attracted by people who treat it with respect and gratitude.

#2 Keep silver, gold or copper coins or plates in your wallet. It is even good to have goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha engraved on it. Silver, Gold and copper were used as currencies in ancient times, and these metals have the frequency to attract positive energy in life.

#3 Keep a peepal leaf in your wallet. Wash peepal leaf with Gangajal and write Shree with Kesar powder. Keep it in the wallet in such a way that nobody can see it. Keep on changing the leaf at regular intervals (once in a week).

#4 Collect 21 grains of rice (Akshat) which has been offered to mahalakshmi in any ceremony. Keep in safely inside a paper in your wallet.

#5 If you are a devotee, keep the photo of your guru or god to whom you are devoted too. The blessings will always be there with you.

#6 You can also keep a gomti chakra, white koudi/safed kaudi or kamalgatta/lotus root in your purse. These elements are said to be adorable to Goddesss Laxmi.

#7 Keep a small Shree-yantra in your wallet. Shree yantra geometry has magnificent power.

#8 In case you got money reward from an elder from your family, keep it safe in your wallet and avoid spending it.

#9 It is good to keep your debit cards in your wallet but avoid keeping credit cards as it represents debts.

9 DONT’s for your wallet (to prevent leakage of money)

#1 Your purse should not be worn-out, torn or look old. Replace your wallet as soon as it gets old.

#2 Do not keep the currency notes folded in the wallet. If your wallet does not fit the biggest note of your country, buy a new wallet with a size that fits one.

#3 Never keep your wallet empty. If you are short of money, keep the smallest currency or some coins always in it. Never gift an empty wallet to a friend or loved ones.

#4 Do not keep papers, bills, receipts etc in your wallet. Old papers represents Rahu and it takes away the space for currency hence weakening the magnet of your wallet to attract money.
The more clutter free the wallet is, the more money it attracts. Keep your driving license somewhere else
#5 Do not keep eatables like candy, mouse freshener etc. in your wallet.

#6 Do not keep medicines, pills etc. in your wallet. Any thing related to disease inside the wallet will dilute the magnetic power of your magnet.

#7 Do not keep any stuff which is made of iron inside the wallet. Iron is Saturn and it slows down any process.

#8 Do not keep your wallet and important keys on table visible to everyone. Keep it safe in the cupboard or drawer.

#9 Do not keep the family photo in your wallet. It is not advisable to mix family energy with the financial energy.

These are tried and tested tips by thousands of people. Try these effective tips to improve your financial conditions. It worked miraculously for many and hope it works for you too.

If you are facing financial problems in life, consult us for astrological remedies.

Good luck :)


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