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How to design factory or industry layout as per Vastu?

Setting up a new factory or industry is a big task, which requires a huge amount of time, money and resources. Hence it is imperative to make sure that it runs smoothly to minimize any kind of losses and risks involved. Vastu consideration is one of the most important aspects to look for if you are planning to set up a factory, industry or any manufacturing unit. There are certain Vastu thumb rules which should be followed which designing the factory/industry layout –

How to choose plot or land for the factory as per Vastu

First and foremost is the selection of land or plot for your factory.

The shape of the Land or Plot – First preference should be given to plots of regular shapes e.g. rectangle, square or quadrilateral shape. If regular shape plots are not available then the second preference should be given to irregular shapes with four or more than four sides. But make sure it should not have too many acute angle corners. If you have already purchased such plot, leave the acute corners vacant and construct only in regular shape. Do not purchase a triangular plot for setting up a factory or industry.
Sample Vastu Layout for a Factory (East facing plot)
There should be a service road on all four sides of the premise.

Main Entrance Gate: Main entrance gate should be made in the North or East direction. There should be an even number of gates in the entire premises.

Storage of Raw Material – Raw material should be stored in South-East, South-West or West direction.

The direction of Manufacturing Unit – As per Vastu, Manufacturing unit i.e. Machines that manufacture the product using the raw materials should be placed in the West direction.

Storage of Ready Material – Once the product is made, it should be kept or stored in the North-West direction for its quick disposal.

Exit gate for ready material – Once the product is ready it should be taken out from the North-East direction.

Office building – Office building should be made in North, East or South-West direction.

Owners/Directors cabin – Best direction for owners cabin or directors room is South-West. Owners should face North or East direction while sitting. North-East is also considered good if South-West is not possible. Do not make owners room in North-West direction or South-East direction as they may bring indecisiveness and conflict between the partners respectively.

Direction for Employees – Employees should be sitting in the North or East direction. Employees should face East while sitting.

Conference Hall or Meeting Room – Meeting room or Conference hall should be made in the North direction.

Pantry – Pantry or Kitchen should be made in the South-East or East direction.

Washrooms – Washrooms should be made in West, North-West or South directions. Avoid making the toilet in North-East, South-East, South-West, North & East direction.

Water Tank – Water tank should be made in South-West or West direction.

Other heavy Machines – Other heavy machines and heavy transformers should be kept in South or South-West direction.

Electrical Units – Control panel for electrical units should be placed in the East or South-East direction.

Parking for Vehicles (Light & Heavy) – Vehicular parking should be made in West or North-West direction.

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