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How to increase memory power of children using Pyramids?

From ancient times the secret power of Pyramids is well known. These huge pyramid shape structures were used to attract the cosmic energy from the universe and converge it to protect the ancient Egyptian mummies and many other purposes which might still be unknown to us and subjected to research.

But one thing the researchers have already shown that the power of pyramids lies in the shape of the pyramid irrespective of its size and weight. Many experiments have been done where simple batteries, fresh fruits, razor blade or medicines were placed under small pyramid shape structure and they showed drastic improvement in their functioning. For example, once placed under pyramids for some duration the batteries ran longer, fruits were fresh for a longer duration, razor blade sharpness was intact even after multiple uses and medicines had improved potency and rate of healing.

Pyramid shapes are now even used for meditation and healing purpose also.
Now coming to children and their memory improvement; pyramid study caps have shown tremendous improvement in concentration, memory and retention power of children. Using study caps parents have noticed a significant improvement in the educational performance of their children.

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How to Use
Using this study cap for 15-20 minutes before studies help in concentrating on the subject and grasping the subject in lesser time. Children can also use this cap for the entire study duration if they wish and remove afterward. This study cap can be used by students of any age and get great results by improving their concentration power.
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There are many types of study caps and these are easily available online these days.
You can also make your own pyramid cap at home by taking a hardboard or thick ivory sheet. Refer to figure below to make your own pyramid cap.
If you are making a paper pyramid at home, make sure to remove the base of the pyramid before placing it over the head.

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