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How to manage stress within 10 minutes – Deep Breathing

Are you stressed out and looking for a simple yet quick way to deal with it? In the technology-driven modern world, life seems to be running at the speed of a bullet train. Look at the main road in the morning at 9:00 am. It seems a war like situation. Packed roads, tensed faces and troops of vehicles. Nobody is spared in this stressful system established by human society. Every other person is either over-worked, under slept, feeling low or tensed. Is this the purpose one is born for?

Life is such a beautiful flower but we don’t have time to cherish the aroma of it. We look for a solution to this but mostly from outside. Sometimes, we keep to changing jobs and shift houses. And we try to release stress by Saturday night parties. We watch movies, eat outside, go to the gym and shop at weekend to release stress. It helps but only momentarily. And again on a weekday morning we feel the same stress level in our body. And we wonder why?
The reason for stress is when we are not in our natural being and gesture. Have you ever seen babies stressed? Do animals take stress? NO. We are not at all meant to be stressed. Stress is unnatural. Stress is like tearing something apart.
And we don't believe that the remedy for stress is such an intimate part of us that we don’t even notice. The remedy is so simple that people cannot believe it as a remedy. How can such a big problem be resolved by such an easy method that too anywhere, anytime, without equipment and free of cost? Actually, we are BORN with the capability to release stress and calm our body & mind naturally. We are born to live like a baby.

What we need to is to pay attention to our breath and stress get weaker and escapes like a thief. Hard to believe? Let’s understand and apply to ourselves and only believe when we feel the benefit of deep breathing.

What is deep breathing?

Deep breathing is the most natural form of breathing. Have you ever noticed the way babies breathe? They breathe through their bellies. The deep sleep that children get is due to the natural breathing pattern by birth. This skill of breathing is inborn but as the child grows, it usually results in the loss of the natural skill of deep breathing until it is intentionally maintained.

Why deep breathing doesn’t come naturally?

Babies and small children breathe naturally ie. deeply. But the unnatural moulding of a child’s personality results in the loss of this natural stress fighter skill.

The strong emotions make the growing children stiff. We are shifted from natural growth due to the culture. Small girls are asked to suppress their anger. Small boys are asked to suppress their tears. The suppression of natural emotions fills our cells with fear, anxiety and helplessness. Subconsciously, we start the practice of holding breath and start breathing shallow and irregularly.

As we grow, we pay extra attention to the shape of the body, we stress our body and constrict the stomach muscles to look slim and good. This adds to the anxiety we already have accumulated. And eventually, we make a pattern to breathe from the chest and it feels normal to us.

Benefits of deep breathing

Deep breathing fulfils complete oxygen requirement of the body. The toxins in carbon dioxide are also released completely. Deep breathing slows the heartbeat and stabilizes blood pressure.

Deep or Diaphragmatic breathing is not noisy, strong and long breathing. These are little slower than normal breaths but utilizes the complete diaphragm to maximize the amount of oxygen going into the bloodstream. It triggers the body’s natural relaxation response. Such breathing has great benefits in asthma, pulmonary, cardiac and respiratory diseases.

How to deep breathe?

Start by observing your breath. First, take a few normal breaths as you usually take. Now try to breathe slowly. The air coming in through your nose should go down to your lower belly. The abdomen should expand fully. Now breathe out with the same slowness. You may mentally count to 10 while breathing in and again 10 while breathing out. Once you are comfortable you don’t need to count. If we feel uncomfortable to take too many deep breaths together alternate it with deep and then normal and again deep. Pay full attention to breaths. You will start feeling relaxed within 10-15 deep breaths.

At the time of an emotional stress, our body stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. Our breathing becomes shallow and subsequently heart rate rises, we sweat, muscles get tense and so on. At such time, if we only concentrate on the deformed and shallow breathing pattern and bring it to normal and then to deep breathing, all the other symptoms will fade away subsequently. Consequently, our heart rate will slow down, decreasing sweat and relaxing muscles by just slowing and deepening our breathing.

Our subconscious mind stores these different breathing patterns and once it triggers, it calls for a thousand of other symptoms, memories and emotions. Shallow breathing is associated with fear, anger, stress and anxiety while deep breathing is associated with meditation, relaxation and happiness. We just need to choose the pattern and hence call the whole series associated with it.

Action plan

As soon as a negative emotion attacks you, you will notice that your breaths are deformed. Don’t wait for the abnormality to prosper and grow out of control. Whether you are in office, travelling, at home or any place of the universe. You carry your breaths always with you. The process of deep breathing is so subtle that even the person sitting next to you cannot notice it.

Let's throw the garbage of stress out of our lives through this simple and natural technique. Let's keep calm, be happy and carry on with our lives.

Read. Relax. Rejuvenate


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