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Life and Death – The mysterious sides of a coin

Life and Death-Cafe Ashram

Life is often talked as a synonym for work and struggle. ‘Life is a struggle’ is often used as a frequent one liner for life. Death’s synonyms are taken as rest and peace. When someone dies, we wish for the soul as rest in peace (RIP). Those who are tired of life, they wish to die to rest in peace. Those who are dissatisfied with life, want to get rid of it through the medium of death. The suicidal psychology works on the same thought, but what happens after the soul leaves the body is an untold story.
This definition of treating life and death as different entities is not holistic and is incomplete in itself.
Life and death are not different or opposite. If you google antonym of ‘Life’ it suggests ‘Death’, which is actually not true. Death is an integral part of life. We cannot separate death from life, just as we cannot separate night from day. If life is breathing in, death is breathing out. Life exists in each moment and so is death. Life is not just working or struggle and death does not just rest in peace.
The one who has not spent his life in bliss cannot die in peace.
Just as when you have a bad day, following it you will also have a sleepless night. If life is physical then death is mental. Death is a subtle life. How can a life full of struggle and dissatisfaction give away to a peaceful and satisfactory death moment? Death is no doubt a repercussion of life. As life so is death. Life and death complete the cycle. Also, it is true that life is unpredictable and for most, it is occupied by work & struggle. Work to earn for living, to treat diseases, fulfill relationships need, fulfill ambitions and responsibilities. Usually, an active person is always on his toes. It’s not even advisable to live a life without work, but we need to establish the art of work i.e. work without taking mental tension and be in peace even while working hard.
This is the art of living i.e. work at the circumference and peace at the center.
Outside work – inside rest, outside struggle – inside peace, outside movement – inside pause is what a real life is. An active person who is at peace within knows the art of living in the true sense and that leads her soul journey to the next level.

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