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Lord Ganesha – Know what is Ganesha inside you

Lord Ganesha is the most famous of all lords. Every Hindu house in India would have an idol of Ganesha. Goddess Laxmi is also worshipped along with him in the most celebrated festival Diwali in India. Being the lord of beginnings, he is the first lord to be honoured in any ritual or ceremony. He is said to be the creator of Astrology and any learned science and scriptures. Hence, he is considered as the lord of intellect and wisdom.
India has more than 80,000 gods and goddesses defined in its culture. These gods and goddesses are the virtues one should have to attain the ultimate goal of human life.

Who is Lord Ganesha?

What exactly is GANESHA within us?
Ganesha is wisdom and knowledge inside of us. When our wisdom is awakened so is Ganesha in our life. He is also called ‘Vighnaharta’ i.e. the Vanquisher of obstacles. Our wisdom is the vanquisher of obstacles in our lives. You see any wise man and observe how he deals with the obstacles in his life. Obstacles are like the levels of a video game. You cross Level 1 to enter Level 2 and so on. Life is a game too and obstacles are its milestones. And the way you deal with the obstacles determines your expertise in the game, whether you lose or go on playing.

He has two wives: Riddhi and Siddhi. Riddhi is the set of divine virtues and Siddhi is the set of worldly accomplishments. A person with wisdom will always have these two companions with him through out life. One with divine wisdom will always be seen to have some divine virtues like public speaking, writing abilities, intuition, healing power etc and therefore he can never be deprived of worldly accomplishments too. Riddhi and Siddhi are said to be sisters and they co-exist together.

Who is Goddess Laxmi

Goddess Laxmi is always worshipped with Lord Ganesha. Laxmi is prosperity in one’s life. When Ganesha is awakened, one cannot be deprived of prosperity. Another meaning is that when prosperity is there, there need to be wisdom else the prosperity is short lived.

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). He is the wisdom and the strength of our soul. When can we attain wisdom and our soul gets its real power? It is when Shiva and Shakti are awakened inside us. Shakti is the love and devotion towards Shiva and Shiva is the destruction of our evils.
When one is devoted to the agenda of destruction of evil inside us or the bad Karmas, Ganesha is born i.e. wisdom is awakened.
Once Ganesha is awakened, life is full of abundance (with riddhi and siddhi), it is super-light (as bad Karmas are destroyed), bright (with the rays of truth), it is prosperous (as Laxmi is aside) and the real life begins there.

Let’s bow to Lord Ganesha and start the real journey of one’s life.

– Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah


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