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Mantras and their impact on your daily life

Guest Post by Jaya Shinde
The universe holds powerful vibrations. It is these vibrations that have the power to change any scenario. The closest and the best way to experience them are words. Words have the power to heal. They can lift your spirit and balance your internal energies. They are the best possible way to interact with the universe.

Rough phases are a part of everyone’s life. But irrespective of what is going on, astrology and mantras can together help you heal. They help you attain your higher self, with the incorporation of more positive frequency in your life.

Although most of the people are sceptical about it and question its power, all the instances where they started by just repeating the mantras daily made them believe in the potential that this practice holds. Moon signs play a crucial role along with mantras and help in deciding the level of commitment a person showcases. Affirmations affect every person positively. It is only a matter of different time spans for everyone.

Repeating the mantras softly, saying them out loud, and writing them daily or making posters out of them for your walls, are good ideas to stay close to their energy. “It is important to define what drives a person,” says Sundeep Kochar. “Mantras affect the mental, physical and emotional state in a positive manner, and can be recited by individuals to bring about a complete transformation in their life.”
A simple mantra like – “I love myself”, can create an aura of your personality that no one has ever seen. It is only patience and persistence that can help you reach the ultimate goal of peace and harmony.
Here are a few affirmations that can help you become more positive:
  • The universe loves me eternally and all things are working in my favour. When things are not going as per your plans and you feel negativity taking over, recite this mantra and slowly feel the stream of positive thoughts change you.
  • Connection with the divine force and me is the source of light. I connect and ask for guidance through the sacred energy transformations in my life. This and many more such mantras are good spiritual awakenings and help in reconnecting with the soul.
  • I love and honour myself. I know my boundaries, trust them and respect them. I am my best friend and ally. I have the power to do anything I want. – Overall healing, self-love, and building confidence are the aspects that this mantra helps with.
All these and many more mantras can change life for the better. Consulting the right people for guidance is the key to implementing them successfully for a prosperous tomorrow. One of the good astrologers in Mumbai, he talks about how intricately moon signs are defined, and the way it impacts one’s life mantras. Make sure to discover your true mantras and let astrology determine the course of positivity in your life.


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