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Mayan zodiac signs: The most credible astrology in the world

According to the Mayan calendar – the year has eighteen months with 20 days each. History says that the ancient Mayans, people that lived in Mexico and Central America were very powerful and skilled writers, fortunetellers and mathematicians as well. Many consider this astrology as the most accurate one – although everything that we have learned from the Western astrology and the twelve Zodiac signs is not even close to the interpretation of the Mayans.
According to them, there are 18 zodiac signs and all of them has the unique traits that make it easy to be recognized by a group of people.

The Zodiac signs according to the Mayans

Chen: People born on the 2nd of January – the 21st of January: Powerful night owls that are most productive during the night.

Yax: 22nd of January – 10th of February: Gentle and full of love. Harmonious and always careful with themselves and the others.

Sac: 11th of February – 2nd of March: They love the evenings and the mornings – this is when they feel the best. Although they hate changes – they are the thing that brings the best out of them.

Keh: 3rd of March – 22nd of March: Nature and balance are the two words that describe these people. Red is the colour of their inner strength and meditation is the only way to get them back to balance once they lost it.

Mak: 23rd of March – 11th of April: Mysterious and soulful. Pretty introvert people.

Kankin: 12th of April – 1st of May: The sun is what gives these people a desire to live and create.

Muwan: 2nd of May to 21st of May: They love fire and storm, this is the source of their strength and cheerfulness.

Pax: 22nd of May – 10th of June: Born leaders and very stable people.

Kayab: 11th of June – 30th of June: Spiritual and very thoughtful people. Born philosophers.

Kumku: 1st of July – 20th of July: These people love nature, they are very energetic and tend to share their energy with people around.

Wayeb: 21st of July – 25th of July: The sign that belongs to people born in these 5 days only represents disturbance and bad luck. These 5 days stagger the balance of the Mayans.

Pop: 26th of July – 14th of August: Excellent leaders, impulsive, yet confident and successful.

Wo: 15th of August – 3rd of September: Mysterious and very hardworking. Jumping from one area of interest to another is typical for these people.

Zip: 4th of September – 23rd of September: Energetic and extrovert, these people make the best friends.

Zotz: 24th of September – 13th of October: Freedom is what these people need in order to function the best. Otherwise, they are very intuitive and caring.

Tzec: 14th of October – 2nd of November: These people love the sky, the air and everything that flies. Often, they become scientists and astrologists.

Xul: 3rd of November – 22nd of November: Loyal, brave and totally dedicated once they fall in love with a person or a job.

Yaxkin: 23rd of November – 12th of December: According to the Mayans, these people are very suspicious and indecisive. They have a hard time gaining confidence in others.

Mol: 13th of December – 1st of January: Spiritual guides and very religious people. They are thought to have miraculous powers, especially in healing others.

Guest Post by Antonio Dimitrovski


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