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Powerful Mantra to attract money towards you

Laxmi is the goddess for finance. When the goddess Laxmi bestows her auspicious blessings on one, money flow is tremendous and unimaginable. There are many mantras for Goddess Laxmi. The Laxmi mantra in this blog is practiced for an increase in good luck & to have a surplus of money. This is very effective if one is having a money problem in life.

This mantra has the power to attract money from different means which one cannot even imagine. This is also beneficial in case blocked money.

Here are some rules to follow to chant this auspicious mantra:
  1. Start chanting the mantra from an auspicious day (Thursday or Friday).
  2. Wear yellow clothes or take yellow stole and use yellow asana (seat cover) for chanting purpose.
  3. Sit facing north and do the chanting daily at the same place and same asana.
  4. Worship Goddess Laxmi picture with guggal essence & yellow flowers and lit a pure ghee lamp before starting chanting.
  5. Chant 5 rosaries of this mantra daily for 21 days regularly.
  6. After completion of 21 days, practice chanting 1 rosary of mantra every day for good fortune and regular money flow.
Here is the Mantra -
Om Shreem Indra Shreem Hreem Om Namah: ||
ॐ श्रीं इंद्रा श्रीं ह्रीं ॐ नमः||
Before starting chanting, ask God or your Guru the permission for chanting this mantra. You need to also promise/assure yourself that the wealth you will be bestowed will not be used for any ill purpose. Also make sure, when you get ample wealth, donate a part of it to society as well. This will increase your money flow.

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