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Re-energize the Environment around you – An essential need of the day

It is a well-known and experienced fact that the atmosphere of a place is governed by its surroundings. If a place has a number of factories with harmful gasses emission, the atmosphere gets polluted, the people living at the place gets infected with various typical diseases, the trees dry up, birds migrate, the sky turns gray and so on.

Another aspect of the atmosphere is the environment. What is the difference between Atmosphere and Environment? An environment is a subtle part of Atmosphere which is composed of thoughts and deeds. A place with a good atmosphere might have a bad environment like terrorist hit beautiful states. A polluted environment can make one depressed, anxious and unrestful. We all know the harm one has to bear due to the polluted atmosphere, but have we realized the harm one has to bear due to the polluted environment? A polluted environment is far more hazardous and serious than a polluted atmosphere.

The pollution in the environment cannot be felt by the five senses rather it directly hits the subconscious mind. Positive people living in an area makes the environment pure, peaceful and light through good thoughts and deeds. Similarly, negative people living in a place makes the environment polluted, unrestful and heavy. As a society, we are very well able to understand the problem in the atmosphere due to pollution, growing industry, vehicles etc. But are we paying enough attention to the growing subtle pollution due to negative thoughts in our environment? Tension is growing at a rocket fast speed. Young kids are getting diseases of heart, diabetes, and cancer. This is a strange era where the intelligence of a human is increasing but peace of mind is deteriorating.

Growing trees, cleaning rivers, and treating waste in an eco-friendly manner are part of missions for cleaning atmosphere. What are the ways to clean the environment?

Yajna, meditation, mantras are some of the well known and practices ways in Indian culture to clean the environment. Yajnopathy is an emerging science which teaches the benefits of Yajna, in a scientific manner. The medicinal woods, mixtures, ghee used in a yajna with mantras, are scientifically proven to treat the environment, destroy bacterias, strengthen ozone layer and the underlying well wish with the chanting of mantras fills the atoms with positive energy which then travel to near around places through the air. The medicinal aroma, when taken through breath, cleans the body in a more effective and subtle manner.

The heat produced by the Yajna when comes in contact with water around it contributes to the creation of clouds and are responsible for healthy seasonal rains and hence good vegetation.
Yajna is a cleansing process, which cleans the atmosphere as well as the environment. The fire has a tendency to go up and it has purifying nature. Hence, this is a wonderful way to improve the environment of our home, society, city, and earth in general.


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