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Remedies of planets through Aromatherapy

Smell is mostly our first response to stimuli. The smell of fire alerts us much before we see flames. We can make out the food is edible or not by its smell. More subtly, we even select our partners by the body smell. Smell is a sense detected by sensory cells called chemo-receptors. When an odour stimulates chemo receptor in the nose, they pass electrical impulses to our brain. The brain then interprets the impulses which we recognize as a smell.
Smell is very closely associated with memories. A smell can bring on a flood of memories from childhood. It has capability to influence one’s moods, energy levels and even performance
A smell can be used for curing as well as a weapon. France has used horrific garbage like smell against German soldiers in World War II.

The practice of using smell that triggers good emotions for the curative purpose is called aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be used once in a while at a surface level like changing the mood, feeling good or applied as a long-term goal of curing a pattern within self at the subconscious level.

We are born with a certain planet organization, which is called our birth charts in astrology. The placement of planets defines us, our subconscious pattern and our destiny. Some planets are weak and some are strong in our chart. These placements and quality of a planet are stored as a pattern inside us. E.g. Moon in Scorpio can make us secretive and can give hidden qualities.
Each of the planets has their respective vegetation on earth and the smell of that plant or flower of plant bestows the energy of the planet
Once we recognize our week planets or the planets we need to make strong depending on current mahadasha or a goal in life, we should find ways to strengthen that planet. And one of the effective ways is aromatherapy for improving planets.

Ittar or Attar is an essential oil derived from botanical sources like flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials. These are pure and natural perfumes. These are highly concentrated and therefore are usually offered for sale in small quantities in a decorated crystal. The perfume references are part of a larger text called Brihat-Samhita written by Varahamihira, an Indian astronomer, mathematician and astrologer.

Get a report of your planets which need to strengthen and if you are well acquainted with the planets that need to be strengthened in your birth chart, here is the list you can choose from –

Sun: White sandalwood (सफेद चंदन)
Moon: Bela (बेला)
Mars: Jasmine (चमेली)
Mercury: Khas (खस)
Jupiter: Googul (गुग्गुल)
Venus: Rose (गुलाब)
Saturn: Red Sandalwood (लाल चंदन)

One can also use these aromas on respective days to balance and enhance the functioning of their respective Chakras in the body and also for navagrah (nine planets).

You can also get a free report from our astrology gurus on attar recommendations based on your birth details. Write to us to get your free report.


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