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Significance of Kartik Poornima (Hunter’s Fullmoon)

Moon is the significator of our mind and emotions. This is for sure that if our mind is not stable, we cannot enjoy anything in our life.
Most of us may be aware of the full moon. A full moon is when the moon is in front of the sun. Full moon days are very powerful. There are twelve full moon days in a year. Each of them has its own name and significance.
The full moon falling in the month of November is Kartik Poornima (Hunter’s Fullmoon). Kartik has been named from ‘Kritika’ nakshatra, which is the nakshatra for exalted moon too. The Kartik Poornima is one of the most auspicious full moon among all other full moons. One of the reason is moon exaltation in Kritika nakshatra. Another reason for its importance is that Kritika nakshatra is ruled by Sun, which is the significator (Karak) of our soul. Therefore, sun along with moon i.e. soul along with mind rules this auspicious full moon. Kritika denotes sharp objects, which also signifies defeating the demons within oneself.

Kartik Poornima is an auspicious day to initiate any activity, which can boost the stability of mind. There are certain activities one can plan this day:

#1 Dip in the Holy River

If you live nearby any holy river like Ganga in India or can travel to do so, you should take a dip in the Holy river in the early evening (around moonrise). Water is the element for the moon, and Holy rivers especially Ganga is the purest and energized water, which is well known for aura cleaning. Celebrating this auspicious day with such activity is a bliss. Even if you cannot take a dip in a holy river, take a shower at your home. You can mix some Ganga water if you have stored. If not, you can do some basic aura cleaning exercises after taking bath.

#2 Bow to the Sun God

As Kritika is ruled by Sun, so it is also significator of this day. One can bow to the rising and setting Sun and offer water to the Sun god.

#3 Remember your Ancestors

This is a very auspicious day to remember and pray for one’s Ancestors. One should not forget to lighten at least 5 lamps (Diya) of clarified butter (desi ghee) in the evening. The fire has its importance on Kartik Poornima as fire is the significator of the soul, which can be individual or collective. One can also lit the lamps on the bank of holy rivers (known as Diya Daan).

#4: Pray to Lord Shiva

As the month Kartik is favourite month among the devtaas (supreme souls) especially lord Shiva, one should chant mantras like ‘Om Namah Shivaya‘ or Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, for the awakening of one’s third eye, denoting Shiva.

#5: Charity

As the moon is the significator of mother and mother is a giver, so one should also perform charity to the needy on the auspicious day of Kartik Poornima.

There are some other ancient events associated with Kartik Poornima. These are:

1. Lord Shiva incarnated himself as Tripura Kanta and killed Tripurasura, the demon. So it is also called Tripura Poornima.

2. Lord Vishnu took birth as Matsya (incarnation of Lord Vishnu as fish), popularly known as Matya Avatar.

3. Birth of Guru Nanak Saheb, celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti also called Guru Poorab.

4. A Jain devotee takes up Shri Shatrunjay Teerth Yatra, a religious walk covering 216 km of mountainous terrain to visit Lord Adinath temple atop the hill in the city of Palitana, in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat.

5. The world famous Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan starts on Prabodhini Ekadashi and continues till Kartik Poornima

With all this, the most important activity on the auspicious day of Kartik Poornima is to spare some time with the full moon and strengthen your mind with the positive rays of the moon.


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