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Smart Fire Pyramid – Simple yet Powerful Yajna technique for everyone

‘Fire’ one of the five elements of the human body. Sun, the fire energy is the source of light and life on earth. Fire is essential for the universal expansion and growth.
It is purification by the process of burning negativity and obstacles. When a fire ceremony is performed with mantras and pure intentions, millions of photons are released from this fire which creates positive energy and harmony in the space.
Fire ceremony needs three essential tools to be able to create positive energy i.e. Fire, positive intention and a corresponding mantra.

Navagrah YajnaThere are times when many planetary positions in transits and in maha-dashas (main planetary time period) are unfavorable. Many a time, there are many planets affecting some aspects of our life. In such condition performing Navagrah Yajna daily using Navgrah mantra with the intention/prayer is of great benefit.
When the energy of mantras, prayer, and fire is combined with the energy of pyramids, it gives miraculous results.
Within the pyramids products range, a very special pyramid tool designed for such purpose is Smart Fire, also called Advanced Fire. This has the power of 91 pyramids, 9 copper plates, and a special yantra power plate with copper triangles.
The unique eight directional negativity removal plate for all the eight directions for 9 planets –
Sun: East,

Moon & Ketu: North-west,

Mars: South,

Mercury: North,

Jupiter: North-east,

Venus: South-East,

Saturn: West,

Rahu: South-West.

With this, Smart Fire has eight clear quartz healing crystals for multi-directional healing.
The usage is so simple to use that the fire ritual can be performed in just a few minutes arousing millions of beneficial ‘PHOTON’ particles around us. Regular practice can energize the area where the fire ceremony is performed and the energy is transformed subconsciously affects the planetary impression within our body thereafter improving the planets and their implications.

How to use smart fire?
  1. Place the Smart Fire instrument in the center of the house/ room/ working table/prayer room. Use a chair/ stool to keep it at a height from ground level.
  2. Sit down another chair/stool comfortably and set the star stand and quartz balls on it. Keep a glass of drinking water nearby.
  3. Take the ceramic vessel in your left palm and place a camphor tablet in the center of the vessel.
  4. Cover the ceramic vessel and camphor with your right hand.
  5. Close your eyes (in case you remember the mantra) and with deep breath repeat navagrah mantra for at least nine times. With this visualize that all the nine planets are bestowing their positive energies on you. Your intensity of visualization has the ability to penetrate to the deepest level of the camphor tablet.
  6. Set the ceramic vessel on the 8-directional copper plate and light the camphor tablet. Visualize giving away your problems to the fire god.
  7. Place both your hands on the sides of the base unit. Repeat the mantra till the fire gets extinguished.
  8. Put the charged quartz balls into the glass of water. Cover the glass and keep the water for 5-10 minutes.
  9. Now pack the smart fire (either in its box or in a silken/woolen cloth) and keep it where it belongs to. Keep it inside a closed and clean space.
  10. Sprinkle the charged water around the house/office and offer the energy sip to family members or employees, through spoon in their right hand.
When will I get the positive results?
It is observed that performing smart fire rituals regularly for at least 40 days will demonstrate positive results. Strong belief, regular practice, and visualization are the keys.

How to Order?
If you are interested in Smart Fire Pyramid, click here to purchase.


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