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The Basics of Face Reading

Your face can reveal more about you than you think. Face reading is also known as Physiognomy. The centuries-old esoteric practice with roots from China, Greece, and India is still widely practised today. Through familiarization with the basics of face reading, you can start to know more about yourself, your family and friends, and even the new people you meet.

Curious to know more? Below are the distinct areas of the face and what each represents.

Face Shape

It all begins here. The shape of a person’s face tells about their overall character. For instance, round-faced people are thought to be emotional, sensitive, and caring while those with a square face are athletic, analytical, and aggressive.

Areas of the Face

The face has different areas that correspond to specific life events, relationships, and personal qualities.
  • Left: Tells about your temperament and outlook. You may also peer into the status of your relationship with your friends on this side.
  • Right: Tells about your emotions and relationships, precisely that of your siblings.
  • Upper (Forehead): Represents your past and is connected with childhood experiences. This area also tells about your relationship with your parents and the success you will achieve in your career. The area by the temples peers into the likelihood of travel and journeys, too.
  • Middle (Eyes, Nose, and Cheeks): Reflects the present events in your life. These areas talk about your wealth, prosperity, and defining traits.
  • Lower (Chin): Reveals things about your future and later years.


The eyes of a person represent their worldview and reveal more specific characteristics.
  • Size: Larger eyes denote being imaginative, affectionate, and impulsive, while people who have smaller eyes are said to be observant and cunning.
  • Spaces: The width between your eyes reveal a story, too. It means a person is honest and sincere. On a more esoteric level, that area is the region of your life and vitality. If this is clear and glowing, you are likely to prosper.
The eye region is one of the most auspicious places in the face, so even the areas below or beside it are studied for more meanings. For instance, the edge of the eyebrows reflects a person’s mental state and emotions, such as happiness or sadness. The area below the eyes, commonly referred to as the eye bags, can predict the number of children you will have.


The upper region of the ears reveals some telling signs about your relationship with your parents. The right side is with your mother, while the left is with your father. The size of your ears also illustrates more personal characteristics.
  • Large ears mean that you are brave and courageous. You are strong, determined, and fierce.
  • Small ears, on the other hand, show that you are very creative.


The nose is all about wealth, finances, and prosperity. The “ideal” nose would be straight and smooth, without bumps or blemishes. Some more insights into the different shapes of noses are:
  • Long – Possesses excellent leadership capabilities and is practical.
  • Short – Very flexible and open-minded; dependable on hard tasks.
  • Flat – Loyal and patient with a lot of stamina. Ready to take on whatever comes their way.


The chin governs your future and details the possible actions you’ll take as you get older.
  • Sharp chin, strong jawline: People who have this are likely to take on prominent roles in their career and lead people.
  • Round chin, soft jawline: Those with rounder jaws have strong maternal or paternal instincts and have close ties to their family.
The basics of face reading are sure to help you become more intuitive and sensitive to other people you meet. Did you relate to the things mention here?


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