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Top Nine Signs for Spiritual Awakening

By Alissa Monroe
The inward path of spirituality is characterized by spiritual awakenings, which could be considered precursors to enlightenment. While the definition of the ineffable state of enlightenment alludes, all who have not attained this state of cosmic connection, the signs of spiritual awakenings are recognizable.

It is important to remember that the experience of spiritual awakening itself is highly subjective and will be experienced in different ways according to the individual’s personal progress on their path. Nevertheless, the qualities that are collected and expounded upon here, show a stunning similarity in the experiences recorded by those who have been transformed through spiritual practices of all types.

Finally, these qualities and characteristics are not exclusive to any single religion, cult, gender, zodiac sign or social status. All are free to walk the path to spirituality and enjoy its benefits.

#1 Happiness

One of the most notable symptoms of spiritual awakening is joy and happiness. This joy is genuine and undaunted by the worst catastrophes. It is an enthusiasm that surpasses shallow hopes and truly connects to a resolution that may not seem apparent at the moment. This joy is also a source of encouragement to others and passing on the joy is another important symptom of spiritual awakening.

#2 Peace and Serenity

Imagine a peace and serenity that defies all comprehension. This is the level of peace that comes from spiritual awakening. This level of peace can only come from the absence of fears and concerns that can besiege the time-bound mind. Of course, this is the only natural step on the path to enlightenment– shadows always flee when you turn on the lights.

#3 Kindness and Compassion

Another important sign of spiritual awakening is a sudden increase in kindness, compassion, and affinity to their fellow humans and often to all life as well. This is likely due to the understanding that all life is connected and people closest to the individual are the ones feeding him/her with spiritual nourishment, whether they are aware of this or not.

#4 Diminished Importance of the Self

Another big change in perspective is the understanding that the self, or the ego, is only a temporary and even limiting mental construct on the path to enlightenment. As interconnectedness becomes apparent, the focus on serving the self-becomes less and less important. This selflessness is motivated by the simple reality that all physical manifestations depend on each other for survival.

#5 Emotional Stability

It is very hard to build an emotional balance on a testy foundation like the ego. Once the spiritually awakened individual has lost their need for an ego that constantly seeks validation, the emotions are free to rest on the solid and stable heart. This increases compassion for those who are still struggling with the early stages of their own path.

#6 Humility

It is hard to peek at the magnificence and grandeur of the eternal without feeling humble. Had the awakening individual been holding on to their ego when glimpsing their relation to the universe they would’ve been squashed by insignificance. But, insignificance is a non-issue to the enlightened person. There is nothing to prove to the universe and least so to anyone else. This is the humbling quality which allows him/her to be kind and gentle to those they encounter.

#7 Insightfulness and Clarity

Much Like climbing to an exceedingly high mountain doesn’t make you any smarter, the enlightened person may not “know” much more than anyone else. But, they can be easily identified by their unfathomable perspective and clarity. He or she will have uncanny judgment and precision insights without prejudice or inaccurate conclusions. This is where the shrouds of belief and intuition are replaced with clarity and deeper understandings.

#8 Inner Strength

The mind can spend a lot of time running through negative thought patterns and engaging in pointless power struggles that sap your inner strength and can even make a person in good shape physically tired. The spiritually awakened person has a far more efficient mental process that doesn’t require a wasted effort of pointless endeavours. With more simplistic goals, efforts are made more precisely and with better results.

#9 Unintentional Leader

Like it or not, the enlightened person will attract a following of people looking for a better way. Most often, the enlightened person himself began his/her journey to escape suffering and the transformation has been a beacon to others. The enlightened person leads by example and others follow because they want to be like him.


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