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Use of Numerology in Prasna Jyotish Shastra

Prasna Jyotish (Question Astrology) is an eloquent application of astrology. In Prasna Jyotish, seeker asks question and the prediction is made by making the horoscope of that specific date, time and place (when and where question is asked). Tarot is another method based on similar concept. In Tarot, in a usual layout the seeker is asked to pull out three cards pertaining to past, present and future. The images on the cards and the props indicates the results.

It is said and believed that the result from Prasna and Tarot are for short term. The result might be applicable from 1 day to 1 year. These methods are designed to help the seeker in taking immediate decisions, in sorting out confusions, in deciding better between two options. The question has to be precise and to the point. Ambiguous, long term, subjective questions has to be out of syllabus for such methods.

One such method other than Prasna and Tarot belongs to Numerology. This method is a quick and specific method to get an idea if you are going to be successful in your mission or not.

In this method seeker has to randomly think of a three digit number after giving a thought about the mission to be accomplished and tell that number to the astrologer.

Now, the number at unit, tens and hundreds place depicts the future, present and past respectively. The numbers are ruled as follow:

Sun, 2. Mars, 3. Jupiter, 4. Mercury, 5. Venus, 6. Saturn, 7. Moon, 8. Rahu and 9. Ketu
The prediction is made based on the quality of each planet and their transit at the given point. The accuracy of prediction depends on the astrologer and his inbuilt intuition of prediction.

For example: If the native thinks about 3 digit number ‘467’, regarding specific problem in his marriage relationship.

Unit place 7 – Future, ruled by Moon

Tens place 6 – Present, ruled by Saturn

Hundreds place 4 – Past, ruled by Mercury

Now observing the digits and planets it can be interpreted that native was going through bad phase of relationship in past, which got worse at present but will gradually become better in future.

Hence the native is advised to stay positive and keep patience in the relationship matter and things will be sorted out soon in future.

In a similar way, sometimes prediction about future does not come so positive and hopeful and hence native is advised to take caution and action appropriately.

Unless one have a highly developed intuition, one should consult an expert before taking any major decision about day to day life problems rather than just acting on it impulsively at that moment.

So, if you have a question regarding career, health, relationships, education, kids etc. for which you need to take a decision (Answer to the question will come as Yes, No or Wait-Delay possible), then mail us at to get our numerology service.


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