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Vastu tips for Pregnancy

Children are the most important part of a sustainable marriage. For a woman, motherhood marks completion and is very important for her body and mental growth. Pregnancy is celebrated and the nine months are the most crucial months in the life of a woman.
There are certain tips that Vastu Shastra gives for the benefit of conceiving, pregnancy, childbirth and a healthy child and mother to be.
Here are the 10 tips you can count on your fingers and follow to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

1. Couples who are planning to conceive a baby should choose to stay in the south-east corner of the house. South East is the direction for Venus which governs fertility in one’s body. Till the baby is not conceived it is good to sleep in the South-east room with head towards South.

2. When the woman conceives, she should stay in the northeast direction of the house until the childbirth. Northeast is the direction of Jupiter which is the significator of children. In case it is not possible to sleep in the Northeast room, the woman should spend most of her time in the northeast zone of the house.

3. After the baby is born, the couple should stay in the northeast zone of the house, which is good for the health of both mother and newly born child.

4. During pregnancy, women should avoid staying in the southeastern direction of the house. Southeast being the fire zone can cause heat strokes or increases the temperature in woman’s body. In the initial stage of pregnancy, it may result in miscarriage or premature birth. A pregnant woman should stay in the north-east zone of the house for at least the first trimester. Sun rays from Northeast zone are the most beneficial and full of positive energy.

5. The pregnant woman should never sleep with her head pointed to North or East. She should sleep with her head towards South direction for a stable pregnancy period.

6. The pregnant woman should wear more of light green and cool blues. The cool shades of green and blue keep the body cool and help in unnecessary temperature increase in body. Expected mother’s room should have blue night bulbs for a good sleep. Shades of purple with blues help in establishing a balance of sodium and potassium in the body.

7. While practising pregnancy yoga exercises and meditation, one should use purple colour yoga or meditation mats. These colours help in any discomfort experienced during pregnancy.

8. For a smooth pregnancy period, ensure that no heavy furniture is kept in the centre of the house. The centre of the house is the balance point and it should be kept empty to avoid any unforeseen event in life.

9. To avoid stress and have peace of mind, a pregnant woman should avoid sitting under a beam or too near to column.

10. For a happy child and mother, avoid putting any paintings showing negative emotion like sorrow, war, violence, depression etc.

These tips come from ancient science and are well tried and tested over centuries by women when there were no doctors, hospitals or periodic check-up facilities. Try these Vastu tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Good luck!☺


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