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Vastu tips to gain Wealth & Prosperity

A house is an entity. Every house has its own energy. And according to the law of attraction, like energy attracts like. If your house emits positive energy, it will attract more of positive things in your life. Positive things enter the house in form of health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, good luck and spirituality. Family living in the house is influenced by the energy of the house, and it transforms into mental states or events with the family members.

Vastu science bestows effective remedies to attract good luck and wealth. These are simple remedies, easy to follow and very effective.
Here are some of them:
1. Do not keep your Broom in open area (visible) or Kitchen. Keep it at a place where nobody can see.
2. Do not keep a broken mirror in the house. Dispose of crockery item with crack lines immediately.
3. Do not let spider web flourish in your house.
4. Do not keep dry flowers inside the home.
5. Do not let pigeons make nest or bees make hive inside your boundary. This lead to financial loss.
6. Never leave toilet door open after usage. This let negative energy spread everywhere in your home.
7. Paint or repair the walls whenever you see wall paint layering off. This is attracts ill luck and financial loss.
8. Keep your Kitchen clean especially the stove should always be clean.
9. Avoid keeping prickly plants and family of cactus inside your house. Aloe vera is an exception here. Keep auspicious plants like Tulsi, money plant, bamboo shoots etc.
10. Leakage of taps indicates unnecessary expense. Repair leaking taps immediately
11. Watches, Clocks and other electronics items should be repaired as soon as they stop functioning. Never keep the faulty electronic item in the home.
12. Keep your terrace clean and free from junk items.

When we do not let the negative or inauspicious signals flourish in your house, we make our house a magnet to attract positive energy. The positive energy will show in our lives in some or the other way through auspicious signals and events.

Once you change the energy of your house, things will change for good. To get a deep analysis of your house or office, get a consultation


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