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What is the purpose of life? Know the purpose of your life through placement of Rahu and Ketu in your horoscope.

Every human being is born with a purpose in his life. The soul had a clear vision of the purpose before getting into an embryo. There must be something remaining i.e. learnings, desires unfulfilled due to which a soul decides to take birth and attains a body. These learnings and fulfilling desires are necessary for growth of a soul to finally reach the ultimate goal i.e. moksha or enlightenment, which means leaving the cycle of birth and death to attain oneness with the highest form of energy.
Answer to any question lies in the question itself. One is born at a particular date, time and place. The purpose of one’s life is hidden in this combination of time and space. And the science to know the same is given to us by the ancient sages. Vedic Astrology is the science which is given to us as a boon to know the purpose of our life, which is the utmost question that must occur to every mind.

In astrology, one’s life purpose is encoded in the north node (Rahu) and south node (Ketu) of the moon. Rahu and Ketu are actually the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they travel in the celestial sphere.
Rahu and Ketu aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points on the chart that fall opposite to each other (180 degrees apart) in two opposite zodiac signs. They are also called ‘Shadow Planets’.

While Rahu (north node) represents our karmic paths and the lessons for which we took birth—the language we need to learn or the road we need to walk on, Ketu (south node) reveals the expertise and natural abilities we bring in from our previous life.

One may begin one’s early life path based on the Ketu’s (South Node) leanings as it is the expertise and would bring sense of satisfaction. The key of using the south node is to have a base ready to jump to the north node of the unknown area of life i.e. Rahu. The purpose of ketu is to hold you whenever you fall off the Rahu. Ketu is the asset and will always help in learning phase of life i.e. Rahu. Ketu is like a person you meet from your homeland while traveling to an unknown foreign land. Ketu is the cozy nest to want to rest whenever you are tired of dealing with the unknown.

For example: Rahu in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house. (See above figure)

1st house represents: Self, Rules the Physical body, appearance, health, Birth place, Current situation, happiness, strength and livelihood etc.

7th house represents: Rules marriage, legal partnerships, spouse, others, public, trade, diplomacy, travel, desires and sensuality etc.

Now, in this case the native has Rahu in 1st house which means the real purpose of his life would be about self, giving proper attention to his health, physical body etc. He may also face karmic backlogs related to health, livelihood and happiness, which he will need to overcome using his inner abilities i.e. Ketu in 7th house. So he should take support of spouse, partner and others to overcome current situation in life. Also problems related to his livelihood would be easily sorted out if he takes help of previous life abilities related to having trade partnerships, diplomatic skills, travel and like wise.

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