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What should I donate? – The true meaning of charity

Charity is a donation provoked by a feeling of empathy for a person in need. The need can be anything varying from food, money, clothes, education, medical, emotions or wisdom. Any person can need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean, a ray of wisdom at any stage of life. Charity is not only about helping the poor but it’s about helping who need help.

A true charity has an effect on both the donor and the receiver. A true receiver, on one hand, may feel surprised, gratitude, and emotional at the time of receiving something which he needs desperately. The feeling will emit a very powerful positive energy in the universe which in turn cleans his chakras and the karmas stored in those chakras. On the other hand, a true donor will also feel emotionally connected, enlightened, and full of gratitude while donating.
A charity happening between a true donor and a true receiver is an act of god, and the feeling involved in this act washes away multiple bad karmas of both donor and receiver. It brings joy, satisfaction and mental peace.
This is the reason why charity is one of the most powerful astrological remedies suggested by astrologers.

Type of Charity:

There are various kinds of charity according to the Vedic knowledge.
  1. Food (Bhojan): Any living being needs food on daily basis. Cooked food is the lowest type of charity as it lasts for only a few hours. But this is also needed for the survival of poor people who are not able to earn the basic necessity for them. Here, one can apply common sense and give uncooked food items in case the poor is equipped to cook.
  2. Money (Dravya): There are some necessities which need money to be fulfilled.
  3. Education (Vidya): Facilitating education is a long-term charity. Donating items for education, helping in education fees, motivating children for education is a long-term charity as it enables the receiver to educate and opens up ways to help themselves in a long run.
  4. Wisdom (Gyan): This is the best type of charity. As this results in the upliftment of both donor and receiver spiritually. The donor here is called Guru (teacher) and receiver is called Shishya (disciple).
  5. Time (Samay): Some charity involves time and so is called the charity of time. Time is precious and if one is willing to donate time for a well being, it is considered an important charity for the upliftment for a social cause.
  6. Labour (Shram): Similar to Time charity is the labour charity, which involves the offering of physical labour to help a needy (helping old people etc) or for a social cause (community cleaning etc)

Specific Charity:

Charity can be done based on planetary positions of one’s horoscope. Here are the items one can donate for the different planets on different days:

Sun - Sunday  - Copper, red flowers, red clothes, bel fruit, wheat and jaggery.
Moon - Monday - Rice, silver, mishri, milk, and white clothes.
Mars - Tuesday - Dal (whole), sesame seeds, copper, jaggery, red clothes, red sandalwood or red flowers.
Mercury - Wednesday - Whole green moong dal, green vegetables, green clothes, stationery items to school going kids
Jupiter - Thursday - Gram/chana dal, turmeric, jaggery, yellow laddoos, religious books, gold, education, or cow
Venus - Friday - Yoghurt, ghee, sugar, silver, white sweets made of milk, jewellery or perfumes to females, or white clothes.
Saturn, Rahu, Ketu - Saturday - Whole urad dal, oil, iron items, money, blanket, helping leprosy patients, fourth class employees like sweepers etc, handicapped and dogs

One basic charity principle everyone should surely follow – Do charity when you feel like doing. If you see someone who need help and your heart tells you to help – Go for it.

To know what you need to donate and what not, get a consultation


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