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Where should I place Tulsi plant in my house?

In Hinduism, Tulsi (Holy Basil) is more than just a plant. It has its deep roots in our cultural and ancient mythology. Most of the houses in India have Tulsi plant in some form. In a way, Tulsi is India’s most sacred plant, as the Ganges is the most sacred river. Tulsi is not treated as just a medicinal plant but is treated as the goddess in Hindu culture. Usually, in Hindu culture, it is the duty of woman of the family to water the Tulsi plant and to lit clarified butter lamp around Tulsi in the early morning and late evening (sandhya kaal).

Tulsi is considered highly auspicious in Hindu culture and has a special place in the family because of its medicinal values also. Tulsi plant is enriched with antibacterial properties, which helps in building a good immune system. It is a fact that five leaves of Tulsi a day can serve as a shield to fight diseases like cancer. Tulsi is often used in Indian morning tea, which has a great herbal value. Tulsi is a strong antioxidant and is a great remedy for anti ageing, hair and skin problems. Tulsi is helpful in heart problems and diabetes.
Tulsi is a natural purifier that purify not only your body but clears negativity from your house too. Having a Tulsi plant in the house is the best way to get rid of negative energy around the house.
A flourishing Tulsi is a sign of good health and wealth in a house. When Tulsi dries up and is attacked by soil worms, it is not seen as a good sign for the family. It is said and believed that Tulsi takes the ill effects of the house, and one should get alert if a tulsi is drying out of season.

Worshipping Tulsi daily results in the prosperity of the family. There are a set of Vastu rules or guidance which can increase the benefit of keeping Tulsi at your home manifolds.

Vastu Shastra suggests the ideal place for Tulsi plant is where it can get morning sunlight. Here are some important tips and suggestions to plant a Tulsi plant at your house.
  1. Tulsi flourishes best in the East side of the house where it can get the morning sunlight. In case the east side is not open in your house, the other suggested directions are North and North-East.
  2. It is best if you can spare some space around the plant so that you can take a circle around the plant.
  3. If you have multiple Tulsi plants, keep the number of Tulsi plants in odd numbers.
  4. Avoid growing thorny plants like rose, cactus etc around Tulsi.
  5. Plant Tulsi in a big earthen pot or if possible build a platform around the plant so that you can lit the lamp on it.
  6. You should keep the area around Tulsi neat and tidy. Remove dried leaves and keep the earth in the pot clean from unwanted grass etc. Do not keep unnecessary items around the Tulsi plant.
With a good Tulsi placement, one can also chant Tulsi Gayatri mantra while offering water or lighting lamp in morning and evening.
"Om Tulsayei Vidmahe …Vishnu Priyayei Dhimahi … Tanno Vrinda Prachodayat"
This small remedy is of great benefit for increasing positive vibrations to the entire house.


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