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How to boost your Self-Confidence for getting success in life

What is Self Confidence

Having belief in oneself is the easiest way to define self-confidence. This is the power of your inner self, which develops your attitude. And this attitude plays a vital role whenever you deal with a situation in an outside or inside world.
A person with strong self-confidence has the positive attitude of 'come what may' and is ready to face every situation in life. Whereas, a person with low self-confidence, avoids facing the challenges and always tries to escape the situation.

Why Self Confidence is necessary

Your self-confidence is the fuel that keeps you running after your goals and achieve success. Your Self-Confidence is like the fire that propels you to move forward and reach your destination. And in the process, it weeds out the fear, weaknesses, and insecurities inside you and turns you into an evolved person altogether. Whether it is about success in the external world by having a name, fame, money, power etc. or about your personal and spiritual growth, Self-Confidence is an indispensable asset that you must acquire to reach your absolute potential. Therefore, Self-Confidence is the key to success.

Reasons for low Self-Confidence 

In most cases, the roots of having low self-confidence are connected down deep with one's childhood experiences.
Here are some of the primary reasons -

#1 Lack of Nourishment

Due to some reason, if a person in his/her childhood, did not receive the much needed physical, mental and emotional nourishment from his/her parents, then that person may lack self-confidence as a grown-up adult.

#2 Lack of Trust

If a child is not shown trust by his/her parents (especially father), friends and close ones, then the self-confidence of that child may get hampered.

#3 Comparison with others

Every child is born with unique and inherent qualities. Sometimes parents are unable to recognize the inner capability of there own child and moreover, they compare their child with other children. If this act is done frequently or for a long time then it suppresses the true potential of the child and he/she may start developing the feeling of worthlessness. It may also gradually lower the self-confidence of the child.

#4 Too much Criticism

If a child is often criticized for his/her naiveness, mistakes, imaginations, creative endeavors; then gradually it may lower the self-confidence of that child.

#5 Deep-rooted Guilt

Someone having a strong feeling of guilt for his/her wrong deed done in past; then that person may also have low self-confidence.

#6 Lack of Knowledge

Knowledge brings power and freedom. The more knowledge we acquire in life, more free we become, and thus more able to make our own informed decisions. Therefore, lack of knowledge creates a state of confusion and indecisiveness in our mind, which holds back our self-confidence to prosper.

Astrological Significance

Astrologically, planet Sun represents self-confidence in one's horoscope. In a horoscope, Sun represents the soul and the significator (karaka) of self-confidence of the person. So, if the Sun is weak or debilitated in one's horoscope it represents that person may suffer from low self-confidence, shy nature, problems in open communication with father, fear from higher authorities or government etc.
Remember, such nature of the person is not due to the Sun's placement in natives horoscope but due to his/her own past life karmas, which are merely reflected in the horoscope in the form of weak or debilitated Sun.

How to Build Self-Confidence 

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” -- Napoleon Hill
When it comes to self-confidence, remember one thing, you don't have to bring it from somewhere outside; you just need to re-discover and reclaim your lost confidence. It's already inside you. 
So, here are some easy techniques to boost your self-confidence -

#1 Accept Yourself 

Stand in front of a mirror and look closely at yourself and remind yourself that you accept, support, and trust yourself completely in all situations.

#2 Vision Board

Make a Vision board, which reflects as you want to be and place it in your bedroom so that it is the first thing you see in the morning.

#3 Give a Challenge 

Make a list of things that you are most fearful. Pick one fear at a time and start doing things that scare you every day. To boost your self-confidence, keep challenging yourself with a new task every time.

#4 Embrace Criticism

Don't get discouraged or demotivated by criticisms and rejections. Take them positively and treat them as a ladder to move ahead.

#5 Develop Gratitude

Always be thankful to everyone and everything that makes your life special. Develop the feeling of gratitude for everyone around you.

#6 Do Affirmations

Start your day with a positive affirmation like 'Each day, by all means, I'm becoming more and more confident'. And repeat this affirmation at least 15-20 times a day.

#7 Sunbath

Sun is the main source of energy in nature. Our body and soul receives vital nourishment from the Sun. Hence, regular Sunbath is necessary for strength, immunity, and growth. For this, expose your body to sunlight for at least 30min to 1hr daily after Sunrise. This will also improve the malefic Sun in your horoscope.

#8 Keep Learning 

Never ever stop learning as knowledge gives power. So always thrive to learn new things like taking a music class or learning a new language.

#9 Teamwork

Replace competition with collaboration. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Great things happen when we leverage the power of teamwork. Remember, it takes two flints to make a fire. So, engage yourself in teamwork.

#10 Appreciate others

When you appreciate someone, you contribute your bit to the universal pool of positivity where creative things grow and nurture and you never know when it comes back to you manifold. So, start appreciating others.

#11 Read Books

Develop a habit of reading books and read motivational stuff like biographies of great leaders and inspirational stories etc.

#12 Take Initiative 

Begin with taking small initiatives at home and workplace. Rather than waiting for someone to initiate a task, be proactive and start taking initiatives wherever possible.

#13 Laugh at yourself

It takes courage and humility and the willingness to occasionally feel like fools and laugh at ourselves. So, do not shy to laugh at yourself.

Try to practice these techniques daily, if not all at least a few of them to boost your self-confidence and feel the difference by yourself.

Best of luck!


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