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Aquarius Horoscope 2019

Aquarius Horoscope 2019

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

Aquarius (The Water Bearer) is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is the sign of growth, knowledge & compassion. These people always believe in the overall growth of mankind. They have a wide range of vision for the entire human race not only from the material but from spiritual advancement also. Being a fixed air sign, they believe in complete freedom and hate boundaries of any kind. They have the inherited force to bend the old prevailing rules and orthodoxies. They dream of an ideal world and often find them a mismatch in society.


For Aquarians, 2019 has mixed results to show. This year you will act as a perfectionist and will be very critical of others behaviour. Especially people who are working with you, business and legal partners. For you, there is a specific way of doing things and dealing with situations this year. Also, the north node of Moon (Rahu) brings your focus on the romance, marital affairs and partner. Those who are looking for a life partner will start searching aggressively this year. There may be a sense of lost identity and dispassion many times during the year due to the influence of South node of Moon (Ketu). Saturns transit will fulfil your lasting desires and brings gains this year.

Career & Finance for Aquarius 2019

This year you will reap the benefits of all the hard work that you did last year at your workplace. For those, who are expecting a promotion or the next job change, this year will bring newer opportunities and open new doors for growth. However, you may have to give a tough try for your due position as your opponents may try to pull you down at the workplace. Hence, this year stay calm at your workplace and stick to the ethical ways and you will succeed. Regarding incoming gains and fixed assets, this year you may spend more on travel overseas or renovation at home. Make sure you plan your budget for such activities to prevent over-expenditure. Do not take any kind of financial loan or liability this year and wait till the next year 2020.

Love Life for Aquarius 2019

For singles, this year may bring opportunities to meet new people and start a new relationship. However, you will be very critical of any new person entering into your life and would like to check up on various parameters before going ahead with any relationship. This year, beware of your aggressive tendency towards others as they may not find it appropriate and make a distance from you. Unknowingly you may hurt someone with your sharp criticism without feeling their emotions, hence be very careful while dealing with someone you love or care. Also, try not to pursue someone beyond a reasonable extent, let others have their own freedom, space and decision to think.

Health for Aquarius 2019

This year you may be required to take good care of your body. Give attention to your health and do not ignore any signal that your body might indicate. South node of Moon (Ketu) may make you careless about your health and may indulge yourself in things which may not be good for your health. Do not ignore it further and start giving proper attention to your health. Saturn is ensuring a sturdy and robust health this year. However, some of you may complain about your knee joints and problems related to lower legs. In that case, go for a regular medical checkup (at least once in six months) and keep a check on your health.


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