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Capricorn Horoscope 2019

Capricorn Horoscope 2019

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 19 Jan)

Capricorn (The Goat) is the 10th sign of the zodiac. Capricorn people are highly ambitious, work-oriented & status freak. They are great organizers and manipulators; knowing all the work secrets. Being a movable earth sign, they admire people who have achieved some feat in their lives. For them, respect is earned through hard work. Capricorns are practical and have a clear purpose in every act. Sometimes they may sound unromantic to their partners; as they are the people who are more interested in the economics of the things.


2019 Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn people will be a year full of events that can not be forgotten easily. Saturn’s transit indicates a foreign travel. You may travel overseas for an official purpose, which will isolate you from your homely comforts and family. For students, who are planning to study abroad, this year will bring new academic opportunities provided Saturn forces them to they make enough efforts. Do not plan to invest heavily anywhere like house, loans, car or heavy machinery. Beware of any old foe that may re-visit your life to take a revenge for which you may be not prepared at all. Someone may try to tarnish your reputation and leave you fumbled. However, this year a religious trip is on the cards, which will bring blessings of your angels and deities upon you.

Career & Finance for Capricorn 2019

2019 will prove to be a beneficial year regarding your career and work-related matters. You will be admired as an employer by people working for you and will receive due recognition and reward as an employee by your organization. For all business people, 2019 will show a boost in your sale bringing positive results in your work and you may also be required to travel overseas this year for business expansion or making newer engagements and ties. However, it is advised not to invest heavily in any new venture or blindly jump into a business partnership this year. Avoid taking a loan for the business purpose this year, as you may find difficult to repay the same. Overall in 2019, your finances will stay on the positive side and substantial gains will be visible in return to your efforts.

Love for Capricorn 2019

For Capricorn natives, in 2019 Venus is pushing you to take your love relations to the higher levels and making the bonds stronger. Marriage is on the cards for eligible Capricorn people. Making your dream home, luxuries, and all worldly comforts will be important for you this year. Rahu will keep that igniting fire going ON and does not let you sit calm until to achieve what you desire.

Health for Capricorn 2019

Your mind is active and healthy. You will feel optimistic and energized. Take initiative to do the best to make your body fit and healthy. Exercise more with new techniques. Blend Yoga and meditation with your energy to get the best results.

You might feel the loss of stamina sometimes. Some mild issues related to the lower abdomen, navel area, gastric issues might turn on. Avoid junk food and have a healthy diet. Do meditation to avoid any mental stress.


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