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Gemini Horoscope 2019

Gemini Horoscope 2019

GEMINI (21 May – 20 Jun)

Gemini (The Twins) is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. Gemini people are communicative, expressive and surrounded by many friends and acquaintances. Real multi-taskers and routine job haters, Gemini people can easily handle multiple tasks at the same time which may seem challenging to others. With great writing and speaking skills, these people make friends very easily and are rarely alone. This Air sign has duality in their nature, which confuse others at times. They have an intuitive mind, which makes them out of the box inventors.


2019 demands you to be social to be successful. Share your ideas with others to get recognized. You might need to change residence. You will be full of new ideas and will be required to travel frequently. You will enjoy travelling to new places. You would love to be in nature and explore related hobbies like photography. Think big and be prepared to make major changes. There will be a sense of boldness and discipline gifted to you by Saturn this year. You will act practically most of the time. This year the Sun is giving you good ability to observe and make confident decisions. At some point of the year, you might feel indecisive especially in April, August and December. January, March and September are good months to make crucial moves.

Love Life for Gemini 2019

Your love life will see good times this year. You will visit places with your partner. For singles, an acquaintance might propose or there may be the re-entry of your ex in your life. Good time to get married after September especially with the person you love.

Be conscious and have patience around the end of the year, as you may experience trouble in love life due to lack of love and connection in a relationship. You need to be communicative and share doubts and express yourself completely to understand each other during this phase.

Your partner may demand time but the work might not allow leisure time, which might become an issue for your partner. Make a balance when necessary. Your spouse would become the lucky charm for your rise.

Career and Finance for Gemini 2019

Career and money concerns are highlighted all year long, especially from February to May end and from October onwards till end of the year 2019. Work pressure will increase and you will need to put in more time and efforts. Try not to be dependent on your team members and they may not match with your speed and would result in delays in delivery. In fields related to Saturn i.e. heavy machinery, oil, mining, gas, automotive parts, you would get great success in this year.

During 2019, you will get tremendous success, promotion and you will perform with your best ability. The most probable periods for career changes could be in January and December 2019.

Health for Gemini 2019

You might have to give attention to your mother's health this year.

There will be no major health issues; still, you need to take care of your health around summers May. You may suffer from joint pains and gastric troubles etc.

Exertion might affect your stamina. Take care of the eyes. As you will need to travel frequently, avoid too much junk food. Indulge in exercise, yoga and meditation to stay fit.


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