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Pisces Horoscope 2019

Pisces Horoscope 2019

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

Pisces (The Fish) is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Pisces are identified as Artistic, Creative and living in an Esoteric world. Being a dual water sign, they prefer to live in their dream world without any restrictions and appear careless. They understand emotions better than anyone due to the experience they carry from all previous lives of evolution. They often go through a fight dual in nature; with the material world on one hand and final attainment on the other. They are most sensitive & harmless creatures amongst all others.


2019 indicates starting a new venture or partnership. Jupiter will bring all his knowledge and wisdom in all public dealings and interactions. Jupiter not only makes you more esoteric and spiritual this year but also your intellect in worldly matters will be appreciated. A new mode of communication, trade and academic relations may develop this year opening new dimensions to your life. Jupiter, this year may be full of friends and acquaintances. This year you may be all-time courageous for new endeavours and efforts required to fulfil your goals. Jupiter will ensure that your vitality will remain high this year enjoying the best of your health. Beware of a hidden enemy that might try to tarnish your reputation at work and may incur financial loss. Such a person may appear dark in colour with weird facial features and may come in disguise. Hence it is advised to be vigilant on any new person entry in your life and not to believe blindly on anyone. This year you may invest more time in socializing and building a better social network. Your business partners or colleagues at your workplace will be quite helpful and supportive this year.

Career & Finance for Pisces 2019

While Jupiter may try to bring expansion and growth in your life this year, Saturn may slow down things at the workplace. You might have to wait for little more for the much-awaited promotion due. Saturn will make you more disciplined at your work and hard work will be required to maintain your reputation. However, Saturn may bring opportunity to travel overseas for things related to work. Hence you could be travelling away from home and homely comforts during the Saturn transit. This year may not be very appropriate for investing heavily in land/house purchase or a new car.

Love Life for Pisces 2019

You may also find yourself in an emotional relationship this year which might turn out to be a long-lasting relationship. Loneliness and isolation may try to bring down your mood many times this year but you will overcome this by travelling to new places, adventure and socialize with your old friends.

Health for Pisces 2019

Jupiter will ensure that your vitality will remain high this year enjoying the best of your health. Your taste buds may crave for new delicacies like never before and you may enjoy cooking for family and friends over a feast. Just avoid having too much fatty food as it may create an imbalance in the digestive and biliary functions.


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