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Scorpio Horoscope 2019

Scorpio Horoscope 2019

SCORPIO (23 Oct – 21 Nov)

Scorpio (The Scorpion) is the 8th sign of the zodiac. Scorpions have a magnetic gaze and an intense nature. This fixed water sign may appear mysterious to others but in reality, they have very simple rules to follow. Not much people savvy, Scorpions are dead loyal for a friend but fatal for a manipulator. They have a gift to unfold the hidden secrets underneath and ability to read your mind by looking into your eyes. Don’t try to impress a Scorpion as they are far beyond these worldly gimmicks and have an inner quest for transformation.


Scorpio people will explore new ways to increase their income sources this year. You will tend to be more socially involved and contribute in social wellness. You will have small or big gains throughout the year. If needed your friends will help in financially. Though your health will be good this year, but you need to take care of small ailments. Overall, you will remain happy and elated this year. You will easily resolve arguments with family and friends if any. You will be in right mind to make correct decisions. There will be tremendous gains and success at work place. Good time to start something new, new business, new course is on the card. Good chances to clear exams for students. Elder siblings will be very supportive this year. You will make new friends in 2019. Travelling might be limited to short distance. Foreign travel might be less probable or will be of short duration. Take care of your health specially stomach.

2019 is an empowering year for the water sign Scorpio. Stay optimistic as nothing can stop you if you’re determined for your goals!

Career & Finance for Scorpio 2019

Predictions 2019 for Scorpio for students is positive. Good chances to clear competitive exams. Graduation, post graduation is on the cards. Luck is all yours but relies on your effort. You will reap what you have sowed. The effort will give you success for sure.

Best year to earn money for Scorpio people in 2019. Alternate sources of income are on the cards. Your optimism will enforce you to spend too much sometimes, keep a watch on this habit. Good time to invest in shares, lottery etc. But you need to act patiently in financial matters. Blocked money might come back to you. Your friends will be able to guide you right in terms of career and finance this year.

Love Life for Scorpio 2019

If you are looking forward to starting a new relationship, 2019 is a wonderful year. You may find your love relationship or a good friend for life in a social gathering or a friend’s get together party. The relationships you built in 2019 will be beneficial and long-lasting. Old friendships may turn into love and eventually marriages. Travelling with spouse for leisure time is on cards.

Health for Scorpio 2019

Overall you will remain healthy this year. But it is advisable to follow a healthy routine to avoid any mild health problem. Take care of your stomach as there can be chances of food infections. You may be physically and mentally exhausted due to work pressure or unnecessary travelling. Practice Yoga and meditation regularly.


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