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Vastu Tips - Commercial

Commercial Vastu – General Tips

  • Building’s height can be either equal from all sides, or South-Western sides should be taller in height as compared to East and North.
  • Staircases or lift should always be provided in the South-West part of the building
  • Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in Northwest side of buildings. North East should be avoided for parking.
  • Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees) can be developed in NorthEast, North and East also. Here only small plants can be grown. Big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides.
  • Guard Room should be placed so that approaching persons, vehicles etc. are visible without any obstruction. NorthEast direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin.
  • Staff Canteen can be placed in the South-East direction.

Plot/Land as per Vastu

  • One should opt for square or rectangle shape plot, as it paves way for profitable business.
  • Plots having a hexagon, octagon or polygon shapes should be avoided because these are not good for construction.
  • Circular plots/buildings are recommended for temples, hospitals and sport stadiums
  • A triangular plot is only suited for a restaurant, as triangular shape represents fire.
  • The plot wide at the front and narrow at the back (Singhmukhi) is good for commercial purpose.
  • Basement should not be built at the center of the plot.
  • A plot should be highest in south-west and lowest in North-east. Boundary walls in south and west should be heavy and taller than walls in north and east.
  • Various obstructions such as big trees, pillars, posts, wells, high tension wires etc. in front of the plot entrance should be avoided.

Offices as per Vastu

  • CEO Cabin should be in the South-West corner of the Premises. Senior’s Cabin should be in the West or South area. While working the person should face East or North direction.
  • General Staff should sit in the North, Center, East and North-East area of the office premises. Staff should preferably face East direction or may face North direction.
  • CEO cabin should not be at the end of a corridor. CEO should sit on a high back chair with a wall behind.
  • Ensure that employees do not sit facing each other or very close to the exit door. Also, never sit under a beam or very near to column.
  • One should avoid sitting with back towards the entrance of cubicle or room.
  • Operations department should be in South West, the financial department in North East, legal in South East, marketing department in North West and Production in Centre/West
  • The shape (Geometry) of any cabin should be regular, i.e., square or perfect Rectangle.
  • The door leaves should be pushed inside while entering into a cabin.
  • A temple in the North-East corner should be built and should always be kept clean and less loaded.
  • All surplus stores should be in the South or Southwest side
  • Pantry and toilets should not be in north-east, centre & south-west zones.
  • Entrance to your office should be receptive. It should be vibrant and bright.
  • The receptionist should face East direction and visitors should face South or West direction.
  • Avoid too many columns and floor levels in the production hall or administrative building.
  • Clean your office regularly and keep a regular check on junk, leaking taps, broken windows, rusted items etc.

Shops as per Vastu

  • Accounts and the computer should be in the North, East and South-East area of the shop.
  • Center area should be made into circulation space.
  • The sales counter will always face the road or the entry for small shops, such as grocery etc.
  • The cash counter for bigger shops & Stores should be in the North or Northeast zone.
  • There should not be any obstacle in front of any door opening.
  • South or West facing shops should avoid having an entry from the southwest corner.
  • The shape (Geometry) of any shop should be regular, i.e., square or perfect Rectangle.
  • Levels should be kept so that the south side is always higher than north.
  • The process flow (from godown to dispatch area) should be in clockwise direction. The best direction for dispatching goods is northwest. North East should be avoided.

Factories as per Vastu

  • Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors etc, should be either on the roads or should be parked in SouthWest zone inside premises.
  • Heavy plants and machinery should be in West, South and SouthWest zones. NorthEast and centre of the building should be avoided for placing heavy machinery.
  • All electric products like Generator, boilers, ovens, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in the SouthEast.
  • The process flow (from godown to dispatch area) should be in clockwise direction. The best direction for dispatching goods is northwest. North East should be avoided.
  • The drainage system should be towards the northeast direction.
  • Make sure that the main gate is higher than other doors.
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